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Seller Labs' 12 Days of Christmas + Bonus Tip For 2019

Caroline Powell
Caroline Powell Author

Congratulations! Today is Christmas Eve. You’ve made it through Seller Labs’ 12 Days of Christmas. In case you missed any part of the series, we’ve wrapped it up for you.

Holiday Tips for Amazon Sellers

  1. Add help for the holidays! Whether it’s for customer service or a few extra hands to help with fulfillment, do yourself a favor and add a few seasonal members to your team.
  2. Give back to your community when you can. We’re fortunate in our business as Amazon sellers that we have access to a plethora of opportunities and communities in need of help. Even if it’s just one day a year, give back.
  3. Use the data you have at your disposal for Amazon Advertising. You should not be guessing or experimenting on ads over the holidays. Use data over the previous months and sales booms, and focus in on what works.
  4. Find your quality keywords and focus on these. Some sellers will opt for keyword stuffing, especially around the holidays. However, your ads will serve you better if you’re focusing on what converts instead of wishing for the buzzwords.
  5. Take advantage of tools at your disposal! Ignite has a great feature called Ad Scheduling (or Dayparting) that allows you to set the time of day you want your ads to run. Target your ads and your budget at the times that convert, not while shoppers are sleeping.
  6. Avoid the keyword avalanche. Like your ads, your listing should be focusing on 3-5 high quality, high converting keywords. Don’t add holiday buzzwords just because it’s the holidays. Amazon will reward your relevance.
  7. Focus on your returns. More purchases likely means more returns. Stay focused on providing good customer service, and make adjustments if needed.
  8. Offer discounts and coupons. Shoppers will be attracted to visible discounts on your item, and it will help you convert over your competitors.
  9. Sales don’t stop on Christmas Eve. There’s still high traffic on Amazon after the holidays where people are spending gift cards or browsing now that they can buy for themselves again.
  10. Provide festive communication! Shoppers deal with so many Amazon sellers over the holidays that you need a way to stand out. Use Feedback Genius’ free holiday templates to help!
  11. Be sure you are Terms of Service compliant. Just like your ads, you should not be pushing the envelope on compliance over the holidays. With our Terms of Service Checklist, you can be sure to stay in good account standing.
  12. Use Feedback Genius filters. With the right combination of filters, you can get your messages personalized to the right people at the right time.

We’ve got a bonus tip for you! The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is an odd one. It’s one week that no one quite knows what to do with. We can fill that week for you.

Host a debrief.
This is a great opportunity to get the whole company involved. Each department should have a meeting about the last year. What did you do well? What needed work? Was there something you should have done that you didn’t? If so, was it because resources were missing?

Once a department has completed their debrief, the executive team should meet, combine, and compare notes. This is imperative to the future success of your brand. Remember, Liquid Paper was invented by a simple typist, not by high level development executives. While a large portion of 2019 should be planned out already, you may find better opportunities in the debrief.

Now, if you often have meetings like this with your team, adjust it as needed! Have a holiday debrief or a project debrief. Host meetings with your team often enough that they know you value their feedback. You won’t want to miss out on the next Liquid Paper because they were scared to share their ideas. Encouraging a constant feedback loop is imperative to your brand’s future success.

From all of us here at Seller Labs, we want to wish you a very happy (and profitable) holiday season. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with brands like yours every day, and look forward to seeing your continued success.

Caroline Powell
Caroline Powell Event Manager, Partner Specialist, and Marketing Expert at DISQO

Caroline is an Event Manager, Partner Specialist,and Marketing Expert at DISQO. When she's not offering excellent customer support she's doing pirouettes and cheering on the UGA Bulldogs.


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