3 Secrets to Avoiding Amazon Account Suspension

Here’s to hoping you’ve never had to hire Chris McCabe, but that you’ve had the opportunity to learn from him. Chris is a former Amazonian who specializes in reinstating and protecting Amazon seller accounts. Chris is also a Seller Labs favorite, and a recommendation to our clients if they find themselves down the Amazon account suspension path.

In this interview with Chris, Jeff gets down to the nitty gritty of why sellers can get suspended. More than that, Chris provides three common reasons for account suspension that are 100% preventable.

  1. The content of messaging to customers
  2. Notice Claim Abuse
  3. ASIN Variations

Beyond that, Chris and Jeff talk about some upcoming updates to Seller Central, specifically related to Account Health. An easier to interpret portal will help all sellers avoid suspension, right?

Our goal at Seller Labs is to keep your account in good standing as best we can. With a service like Feedback Genius, and the expertly written templates, communicate with your buyers with ease. Start your 30 day trial today!

Chris McCabe is the Founder of eCommerceChris.com. He worked for several years on Amazon’s performance and policy enforcement teams and in recent times, he’s helped compose appeals in the reinstatement of hundreds of sellers. The company’s expertise as ex-Amazonians positions them to complete successful reinstatement early and often, given their nearly two decades of combined experience. Their intimate knowledge of internal teams is unsurpassed by any other seller consulting service. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.


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