[Tip Sheet] 4 Must-Do’s for Creating A Successful Amazon Product Launch

UPDATE: September 24, 2019: From Amazon: “Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content.”

Amazon product launches are all about making a big splash to quickly pick up sales velocity and rocket to the top of search results. The right launch can kickstart not only sales but brand recognition too. Getting an Amazon product launch right requires you to be both detail-oriented and bold. Below are 4 tips to help you launch your product successfully:

    1. BUILD YOUR PRODUCT LISTING FOLLOWING AMAZON’S GUIDELINES AND SUGGESTIONS. Doing this diligently tells the Amazon algorithm that you are a solid seller with a solid product (and that you play by the rules). It will also get you buyers rather than browsers and comparers. For amped-up listings, use Enhanced Brand Content (which requires Amazon Brand Registry). And always heed the wisdom of eCommerce guru Dr. Ben Frederick: “Don’t build your listing for what the product does. Build it around the solution it provides for a problem or an inquiry shoppers have.”
    2. ADVERTISE AMBITIOUSLY. Amazon launches hinge upon advertising, and advertising has a price (so be prepared to spend!) Expect ACoS to be higher than usual for launches. That’s okay because getting a product seen, selling, and ranking is worth the cost. Run efficient campaigns and spend what you can tolerate in terms of margins; once you gain post-launch traction, re-strategize. Stretch your ad-spend by using Ignite as your PPC platform and take advantage of ad scheduling, which runs your ads only when they’re profitable.
    3. GO FOR REVIEWS—THE LEGITIMATE, AMAZON-COMPLIANT WAY. The Amazon algorithm favors products with reviews. The algorithm, like a human shopper, looks for social proof that a product is a good one. But getting reviews can be difficult, no matter how good a product is. Make receiving reviews easier by communicating with your buyers and delivering proactive customer service. This ensures a positive experience, inspires customer reviews and ultimately, repeat purchases.
    4. NEVER STOP OPTIMIZING. Buyer behaviors reflect cultural and economic trends as well as seasonality. Your listings and ads should reflect these as well. Never consider a product listing or an advertising campaign “done.” There is ALWAYS room to modify, tweak, and achieve greater profitability. Look at competitors’ listings and the data from the User Search Term Report. There’s gold there. Mine it and adjust your listings and ads as needed.

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