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Prosper Show 2022 - The Place for All Amazon Sellers To Be

Carolina Lorenzzetti
Carolina Lorenzzetti Author

If you are a seasoned Amazon seller, I don’t need to tell you anything about the annual conference Prosper.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard of or even attended the show yet, let me fill you in.


1. What Is the Prosper Show?

Prosper Show is the largest continuing education annual conference focused on helping established Amazon sellers improve their business.

2. When Will 2022’s Conference Kickoff?

This year’s conference will take place very soon! March 13-16, 2022.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, make sure to do so. Even though early birds tickets ended in January, fees are reasonably priced based on all the benefits you will get by being there.

Get $100 off your Attendee Pass with Seller Labs

3. Where It Be?

Las Vegas, NV – at the Mandalay Bay.

4. Who Attends the Conference?

Prosper Show has earned its reputation for filtering out the noise in the marketplace by putting education first.

Attendees: Attending the show are seasoned sellers who are ready to expand their businesses and don’t have time to waste traveling to sites that don’t add immediate value to their bottom line.

Exhibitors: More than 100 service providers exhibit annually to share how partnering with them can help Amazon sellers to grow, expand, protect and sell their business.

We are happy to welcome you at booth #328. Come and learn multiple ways to Put More Money Back in Your Pocket!

Seller Labs at Prosper Show

5. Why Should You Go? What’s In It for You?

Every year their calendar is filled with side sections and webinars that are expert-led and highlight the most pressing topics within the Amazon industry.

  • exceptional education 
  • direct networking opportunities 
  • access to top-notch exhibitors

Plus: Even if you don’t have the chance to attend all the events, they are still available for you to check out online at your own convenience.

Fun note:

Are you a gadget collector? Do you fancy “Chotchkies” or cool give-aways? Come visit our booth, #328, to learn more about our enhanced software dashboard – a new way for you to get actionable insights to grow your business by connecting directly to Seller Central – and our profit mentality services designed to help put more money back in your pocket. Don’t want to wait till the show? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to secure your unique branded leather wallet.

Still not Convinced?

Let us give you the final “reason to believe”: 

The event was created by former Amazonians and it brings together several ex-Amazonian business experts, industry leaders, and large Amazon sellers.

  • The best solution providers, with the best deals
  • The most advanced tech available to support sellers automating their numbers, reports, data and of course, ultimately, their profit
  • Conversations between seasoned professionals who have seen the good, the bad and the ugly; and survived to tell the tale 

Given its uniqueness, both attendees and exhibitors bring nothing but their very best to give that final push to close great deals that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Seller Labs Won’t Disappoint You!

No, we wouldn’t miss the chance to see our customers face to face or add new ones to our network. Therefore, we will bring a variety of talents and experts that will:

  • Share all that’s new with our Services and Software 
  • Answer questions you may have about any and everything Amazon related – From the complicated TOS, Algorithms and PPCs; to the more pleasant chats like Brands, FBAs, Reviews and fullfilment 
  • Provide tailored and dedicated customer service and support

Come visit us at booth #328 to learn more about our profit mentality services and our enhanced seller dashboard.

Carolina Lorenzzetti
Carolina Lorenzzetti Senior Marketing Manager at X-Cart, a Seller Labs company

Carolina is the Senior Marketing Manager at X-Cart, a Seller Labs company. Results and data-driven, she has spent her career navigating through multiple disciplines within Marketing, and lately focusing on her passion: Content and Organic growth. She is fluent in 3 languages, with 14 years of experience leading B2B marketing strategies domestic & internationally. In her tenure, she has had the opportunity to navigate in multiple industries: Technology, Telecommunications, Construction, eCommerce and SaaS. An avid traveler, she's now halfway through visiting all of US' 50 States.


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