[Replay] Scale Your Amazon Business: Advertise Smarter Using Ignite

Scale Your Amazon Business: Advertise Smarter Using Ignite originally aired live on March 12, 2019.

Have you ever thought about your Amazon Advertising as similar to a chess game? Thanks to Dan Crittenden (Ignite Product Manager) and Bret Darby (Seller Labs Managed Services Account Director), the chess analogy will clarify so much about the process (and how to win). If you’re in the midst of ramping up your advertising game on Amazon, you need to be strategic, balance your attack and defense, and understand the long game.

In this webinar, Dan and Bret dive headfirst into the world of Amazon Advertising. They’ve got stats, explanations, and solutions. And of course they provide actionable ways to use Ignite to dominate PPC and scale your Amazon business.

Highlights from “Scale Your Amazon Business: Advertise Smarter Using Ignite”

  • The Time-Strapped Seller vs The Empowered Seller: Which are you?
  • Time spent managing your Amazon Advertising campaigns: See how to save 25 minutes per optimization using Ignite vs. Seller Central.
  • Key differences between Seller Central and Ignite for Amazon Advertising
  • Using historical data to make proactive long-term winning decisions
  • How you can automate your advertising to save time (and your sanity!)

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