Ignite Updates and New Features: Sponsored Products Ads and More

On this week’s Facebook Live event, Seller Labs Founder Brandon Checketts and Customer Success superstar Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin got straight to the facts with a knowledge-drop regarding Amazon Sponsored Products ads.

Join Brandon Checketts & PPC Ed(ward) Ruffin as they talk about Ignite, Ad Scheduling, and more features to help you manage your sponsored product ads more efficiently.

Posted by Seller Labs on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Q4 Data About Sponsored Products Ads Is Clear and Positive

  • Sponsored Products ads work. Like, without a doubt. Even now with many sellers using them and more competition, SPAs will and do help you sell more units.
  • November is a critical month because SPAs are highly effective in that people shop in November and buy in December. How does this translate in SPA performance terms? Shoppers click on Sponsored Products ads and perhaps add to cart in November, but they do the actual buying 7-20 days later. So be patient and you’ll see those November clicks turn into conversions. Also, CPC is lower in November than in December so it’s a win there.

Ignite Updates

Then we got down to the cool stuff, the new features in Ignite. If you’ve ever seen a Facebook Live or a Webinar with Edward, you know that this guy loves his work and helping sellers use technology and data. So to say that PPC Ed was geeked about the new Ignite features is an understatement. Here’s what he shared about the new Ignite goodies.


  • Bid+ is now integrated within Ignite! Yep, now you can use Bid+ without having to work with it in Seller Central. Bid+ can be a valuable tool if you’re willing to let Amazon up your bids based on what you’ve seen in your Ad Placement reports and what Amazon knows on its side. The more our team uses Bid+, the more we like it.
  • Bonus bit: Bid+ works on the campaign level, not keyword level, so make sure that you are organized and you have your high-performing keywords in a single campaign with Bid+ enabled. Otherwise, you’re throwing money at crummy keywords in the mix.


  • The Ignite team rolled this out in beta about a month ago and the response to it has been immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Simply put, Ad Scheduling allows you to set when your campaigns run and when they don’t. Because why pitch good bid money during weird hours of the night when you’re not getting sales? Don’t do it. Look at your sales and your SPA performance, identify which times or which days are good for sales and which are not good, and set up Ad Scheduling to automatically stop and start campaigns for you.
  • Bonus bit: Monday is traditionally the best day for sales. Tuesday is also good. Weekends not so much as people do — gasp! — non-computer stuff where they actually go outside and spend less time plugged in. Commuting hours and night hours aren’t big selling times (for the obvious reasons of driving and sleeping). And for the US Marketplace, Ad Scheduling is on Pacific time because, hey, that’s where Amazon is based.


  • Sponsored Brands Ads (formerly Headline Search Ads) are an ad tool available to brand owners who are on board with Amazon’s Brand Registry. If you are one of these sellers, and you’re already using HSAs, you can now check your reports within Ignite. This is great news because you can avoid the clunky reporting in Seller Central and get Ignite-style reporting and graphs. And by seeing your HSA performance next to your SPA performance, you get a more holistic take on your true full advertising spend.
  • Requisites: In order to have SBA/HSA Reports enabled within your Ignite dashboard, you must ALREADY BE USING Headline Search Ads (now Sponsored Brands Ads) in Seller Central. If you are, and you want HSA Reports in Ignite, contact us to request it.

If you’re not already using Ignite, what are you waiting for? You simply can’t afford not to, especially with all of these new features. We’re so certain that you’ll love the way Ignite handles Amazon advertising that we want you to try it free for 30 days so you can see for yourself how powerful the software is and how quickly it can have you winning top placements, converting at a higher rate, and lowering CPC and ACoS.

Lena R. Liberman

Lena is the Ignite Marketing Specialist at Seller Labs. She has nearly 20 years of marketing and product experience, heavily concentrated in the fields of technology, publishing, education, and commerce. When not gathering information and writing about it, Lena can be found restoring vintage furniture or hiking with her dogs.

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