New Options for Including Video in Your Amazon Detail Pages

UPDATE: September 24, 2019: From Amazon: “Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content.”

Amazon just released new options for including video within Detail Pages. In this post, I’m going to steer you toward the options available so you don’t waste time tilting at windmills in hopes of conquering the video-add.
We get a lot of questions about using videos within product listings:

  • Is video available to all sellers?
  • What does it cost to get video in listings?
  • Can I do it myself or do I have to hire a third-party video company?
  • How do I upload video to Amazon?
  • What are the specs?
  • Does video really sell more?

The answer to most of those questions is, frustratingly, “It depends.”

What Kind of Seller Are You?

Your video options are entirely related to the Amazon selling program to which you belong: Vendor Central, Vendor Express, or Seller Central (for more info, read “What’s the Difference Between Amazon Vendor Central, Vendor Express, and Seller Central?”).
Because I love visuals, I made you a table. Start in the left column by finding your merchant program.

A+ Content/ Enhanced Brand ContentAmazon StorefrontIndividual Customer ReviewsAmazon Video Shorts
1P Vendor (brand-owning manufacturer selling wholesale to Amazon)A+ Content available via Vendor Central/ Vendor Express. Create your own pages or get Amazon to do it. Video considered a premium module available at extra cost.Storefront was recently updated and upgraded from the old Amazon Pages. The vastly improved Storefront is available via Vendor Central or Vendor Express and includes video.Video available to customers who wish to include it in reviews.Available for some products and to consumers but not sellers.
3P Seller (brand-owning and registered on Amazon’s Brand Registry)Enhanced Brand Content available via Seller Central. Video is in beta and limited by invitation only.Storefront available via Seller Central and includes video.Video available to customers who wish to include it in reviews.Available for some products and to consumers but not sellers.
3P Seller (does not own brand or owns brand but is not registered on Amazon’s brand Registry)Not available.Not available.Video available to customers who wish to include it in reviews.Available for some products and to consumers but not sellers.

What does this table tell us? A heck of a lot about priorities and control.

  1. Amazon saves the best features for the merchants who make them the most money and over whom they have the most control, namely 1P vendors who basically license their brands to Amazon and allow Amazon to price the products based upon a wholesale relationship.
  2. Amazon is really focused on brands and brand ownership, integrity, and registry. If you are a brand owner, it is very much in your best interest to get up to speed with Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0. You will not only have more options in terms of sales-driving content like Enhanced Brand Content (a really cool way to build your brand), you’ll be better protected when it comes to sketchy competitors trying to hijack your listings or otherwise usurp your products via undercutting or counterfeiting.
  3. When you don’t own your brand, or you do but you haven’t registered on Amazon’s BR, your video options are really limited and you are at the mercy of buyers and general product users in terms of getting video on your pages. But you’re not out of the game just yet; be the seller who provides the product, price, and service that makes buyers want to post good things, including multimedia, about your wares. Do it and you could be rewarded with reviews, volume, and rankings. For a deep dive into this (often referred to as Amazon’s Virtuous Cycle), grab your free copy of our eBook “Sellers Moving The Amazon Flywheel: Maximize Your Roles and Rewards In The Amazon Ecosystem.”

Advice About How to Proceed (and How Not to Proceed)

If you are a 3P marketplace seller without a brand, and thus severely limited in the way of video options, you may be tempted to pay a service to post videos on your page in the capacities of buyers leaving reviews or the larger social community sharing how-tos in Video Shorts. You will also likely encounter third-party services that tell you that they can get video on your page as if you were using A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content like a 1P wholesaler or a 3P brand owner. Rubbish.
Do yourself a favor and don’t be tempted by these offers and promises. If you choose to go one of these less-legitimate routes, Amazon will catch up to you (it always catches up to sellers gaming the system) and it will not hesitate to suspend your selling privileges. In fact, Amazon would love the opportunity to weed out 3P marketplace sellers in the wrong and have less competition for its own brands and 1P products.
Instead, play by the rules. Encourage the likelihood of getting good feedback, including pictures and videos, by using software like Feedback Genius (get a 30-day free trial on us). It’s an excellent tool for customer communication and compliant with Amazon’s rules about soliciting feedback and reviews.
The bottom line is that you need to have a great product, deliver great service, communicate like a consummate professional, and buyers will want to leave you reviews that include goodies like video.

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