Amazon PPC Spring Cleaning

When was the last time that you went through your Amazon advertising efforts holistically? Not just tweaking a bid here or adjusting some keywords there, but really assessing the whole and seeing if what you have is really what you need in order to grow.

Many sellers don’t do it often enough. Why not? Because it seems daunting and difficult, so much so that they put it off until it’s an unruly mess. And just as with any mess, your campaigns aren’t going to clean themselves up.

It’s time to get in there and toss what’s no longer useful, scrub what needs cleaning, and replace what’s broken with upgrades. But how do you know what’s what and where to begin?

Catch advertising expert Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin and Jeff Cohen as they help you develop your advertising spring cleaning checklist by sharing their proven strategy. They’ll show you how to eliminate waste, optimize what’s working, add time-saving efficiencies, and plant the seeds for full-on PPC growth. They’ve done it for sellers and brands of all sizes, now they’ll show you how to:

  • ORGANIZE your priorities and goals for your advertising campaigns.
  • CLEAN UP existing campaigns.
  • PURGE what’s no longer needed and holding you back.
  • STRATEGIZE for future growth.

Hibernation time is over! Get your Amazon advertising campaigns in order. Just a few steps now will serve you well going forward and even help you start ramping up for Prime Day!

For Your Free Amazon Advertising Audit:

Send your Advertising Bulk Upload Report for the past 60 days to

Instructions to get file:
1. Sign in to Seller Central.
2. From the “Advertising” drop down menu, select “Campaign Manager.”
3. Under “All Campaigns,” select the “Bulk Operations” tab.
4. Set your Date Range to the last 60 days. Leave the 4 check boxes as default.
5. Create a spreadsheet for download.
6. Download and email to with “Spring Cleaning” in the subject line.

Resources Mentioned:


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