The Amazon Buy Box (and How to Win It) Explained

The Amazon Buy Box is special real estate given to an offer on an ASIN’s product page. The Buy Box solves the “too many options” problem by separating the featured offer from the other offers so that the buyer sees what Amazon deems the best deal (not always the cheapest). The Buy Box is an effective solution. It stands out and the offer featured there accounts for over 90% of purchases on Amazon. Needless to say, for Amazon sellers, having their offer featured in the Buy Box is enormously important.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Central Answers and Tools

Amazon Seller Central holds an astonishing amount of information while providing sellers with crucial tools for account maintenance and business growth. However, Seller Central can prove difficult to navigate when seeking that information and it can be cumbersome when utilizing those tools. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or where to find it, it’s easy to get lost in the Amazon Seller Central labyrinth. To help you get to exactly what you need from Amazon Seller Central — quickly, directly, and without frustration — we’ve put together our guide to the best of Seller Central. Within this guide, you’ll find links to the most-useful pages, tools, and resources available as well as some hidden gems. Bookmark some, bookmark all, or just bookmark this page so you can skip the Seller Central rigmarole and get exactly what you need to save time, increase profitability, and stay up to date on Amazon policies.

[UPDATED] 6 Tips for Preparing Your Brand for Amazon Prime Day 2020 (and Q4)

Prime Day is the biggest traffic event of the summer — it’s essentially Christmas in July. Prime Day is a deal-focused event, plain and simple. Here are 6 tips to help your Amazon brand get the most out of Amazon’s lucrative Prime Day traffic.

How to Launch a New Product on Amazon + Checklist

Amazon product launches require you to be retail ready. If you aren’t 100% retail ready, you jeopardize the success of your launch. These 7 tips are must-do’s for any Amazon seller or brand preparing to launch a new product on Amazon. Once you’ve nailed the tips shown here, you can achieve peace of mind by using the product launch checklist below.

Understanding Amazon Unavailable Balances

As an Amazon seller, cash flow is hard enough to maintain when you have to wait two weeks (at least) to get payouts from your most recent sales. Add in an unavailable balance, and you have to wait even longer — perhaps losing out on growth opportunities in the process. Fortunately, you don’t have to let an unavailable balance inhibit your growth or cash flow any further. In this guide, we’re going to share everything you need to know about an unavailable balance, including what it is, why you might have one, what to do if you have one, and how to prevent one in the future.

[UPDATED] Understanding Amazon Black-Hat Tactics & Protecting Against Them: Your Terminology Guide

The Amazon ecosystem is rich with opportunity, but it’s also highly competitive, which inspires unethical schemes that seem to appear with dizzying speed. The amount and variety of unscrupulous behaviors on the Amazon Marketplace has become its own shadowy empire (known as the world of Amazon black-hat tactics), complete with its own language and jargon. In order to understand the dangers you face and how to protect your eCommerce business, Amazon sellers and brand owners must understand the threats posed to them as well as the language of such dark dealings. To help you comprehend the perils of black-hat tactics used on Amazon and to assist you in protecting your business and prospering, Seller Labs presents this updated guide.

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[Updated] Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): How One Little Number Can Drastically Improve Your Amazon Sales

Online shopping has made getting such items much easier by connecting buyers with a world of previously out-of-reach sources. Often, the best places to find specific parts are direct from the manufacturer or from eBay. However, manufacturers often don’t want to deal directly with consumers or they are reluctant to sell single parts, and eBay transactions sometimes leave buyers hanging with sketchy sellers and dud deals. This has created opportunity for Amazon sellers who are willing to dig into Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and include this detail in their listings.

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[UPDATED] How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge for Your Product

What does it take to get the much-coveted Amazon Best Seller badge for your product? is pursuing the badge worth your investment as a seller or are your efforts better spent elsewhere? Learn everything you need to know about the Amazon Best Seller badge, including the 3Cs: Competition, Calculation, and Category.

Prime Day 2020 & How You Can Prepare for Anything

Early reports indicated that Amazon’s famous July event is likely to be postponed, possibly until October. Amidst coronavirus concerns, it’s looking increasingly likely that this is the case. We’ve seen extended dates for Prime Day 2020 for sellers to submit both inventory as well as lightning deals. Since Prime Day has such a big impact both on Amazon as well as third-party sellers across the marketplaces, it’s unlikely Prime Day 2020 will be canceled in its entirety. However, without a definitive date for the sale, and with so much uncertainty at this time, how can you stay relevant and current to continue your brand’s success?

External Traffic Options for Amazon Sellers in 2020

There are myriad strategies for digital advertising: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Reddit Ads, Manychat, email list building, and more. Even basic understanding of them all generally takes years of learning and thousands of dollars in “learning ad spend.” By the time you’ve learned them all, there’s a new player in the space. We’re going to start with a foundational understanding of various digital marketing strategies that can help you and your business. 

Managing Data in Changing Economic Times

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not business as usual, but how do you keep progressing in times like these? At every turning point in a business, the best place to go to is the data. Seriously, always return to the numbers. Data is powerful in telling you whether it’s time to pivot or persevere. Is what you’re currently doing serving your end goal? Have you even established your goals? For many sellers, the goal for now is to stay afloat. Be sure you’re approaching your goals with a SMART mentality. Then, return to the numbers to see if you’re headed in the right direction. Here’s how.