How to Launch a New Product on Amazon + Checklist

Amazon product launches require you to be retail ready. If you aren’t 100% retail ready, you jeopardize the success of your launch. These 7 tips are must-do’s for any Amazon seller or brand preparing to launch a new product on Amazon. Once you’ve nailed the tips shown here, you can achieve peace of mind by using the product launch checklist below.

How to Launch a New Product on Amazon

  1. Set yourself up for success with Amazon. Make sure your ASIN is approved and good to go. Don’t forget to account for variations! 
  2. Review your product detail page copy. Double check to be sure the title, bullets, and descriptions are keyword rich (but not stuffed), formatted correctly, and that they follow Amazon’s guidelines. This is important for all product listings but especially so for Amazon new product launches. Learn how with our Amazon SEO: How to Get Your Products Found on Amazon guide.
  3. Ensure product image variety and quality. Make sure your images cover plenty of views and angles, that they show key features and differentiators, and that they’re high quality and zoomable. Check out the images section of 4 Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings for more info.
  4. Amplify your inventory. The point of being retail ready and making the effort to properly launch a new product on Amazon is to achieve maximum sales velocity and rocket up in rankings. You need to have inventory on hand to be able to fuel that. If, by a combination of strategy and good fortune, your product is a viral sensation (or mentioned by Oprah), you definitely want to have quantity to sell. Running out of stock is not only leaving money on the table, but Amazon counts it negatively and can penalize your ranking. Use the Products table within Seller Labs Pro to set reorder level and lead time so you won’t get caught with a stockout.
  5. Validate your product via reviews and ratings. It takes sales to get ratings and reviews, and it takes ratings and reviews to get sales. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation, especially when it comes to how to launch a new product on Amazon. Before going full-on launch, make sure your product has at least a 3.5 star rating and 15 Verified Purchase reviews. Consider doing this via the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Learn more strategies and techniques for building your reviews base at How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2020
  6. Own the Buy Box. If you own the brand, are up to date in Amazon Brand Registry, using FBA, not allowing resellers, and you haven’t been hijacked, the Buy Box should be yours. But that’s a lot of if’s so make no assumptions. Now throw in pricing, account health, and competition. Make sure that you do not lose the Buy Box. If you do, you’re handing your competitors a golden opportunity.
  7. Use A+ Content. In addition to clear, compelling copy and high-quality images, you need to build out your product detail page as fully as possible. Using A+ Content will help you do this, making the product more desirable and helping your brand stand out. Learn more at Framing the Narrative: Using A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content) to Tell and Sell Your Story.

Resource: Amazon Product Launch Checklist

Remember, Amazon product launches are not the same as product additions, releases, or refreshes. It takes a lot of work to ensure a successful Amazon product launch and not every product needs (or merits) the effort. In order to create the conditions for a successful launch, you need to juggle numerous items to ensure they are under control and optimized. 

Use this Amazon new product launch checklist to help you cover all your bases and identify if there are any categories you are lacking in ahead of launch. If you can’t answer “YES” to each question, you may need to re-evaluate your launch plan.

Product Concept

  • Has the product been validated as something buyers not only want but will seek out and purchase?
  • Is it fresh and original rather than just another version of an existing product? Does it do or bring something new or better to the marketplace?
  • Does the product solve a problem or otherwise help or delight a buyer?

Product Logistics

  • Can it be tested cheaply and easily? Are you prepared to do this to ensure consistent quality?
  • Is it listed in a non-gated or otherwise non-restricted category? Don’t make it difficult on yourself by having to get pre-approval to sell.
  • Is it high-quality and durable?
  • Is it easy to use? Do you include instructions? Have you provided in-package assistance? 

Financial Goals and Metrics

  • Most shoppers are more willing to try a new product priced at $15-$25 rather than taking a chance on one that is significantly more expensive. Is your product priced to buy and is the value clear? 
  • Have you factored your CoGS and calculated your best-case worst-case scenario profit margins? At what point can you consider the launch a success or a failure? At what point do you cut your losses and discontinue? 
  • Have you left wiggle room for pricing? With the Amazon Giveaways program discontinued, have you left room to offer deals and promotions?

Marketplace Assessment

  • Is your product’s category one that allows space for new entrants? 
  • Does your product transcend seasonality so you’re not reliant on one small window to carry the year? Have you budgeted for that and the inventory and storage issues that come with it?
  • Is your product on trend without being a flash in the pan? Is it keeping up with current times and tastes, while also being enduring rather than a fad?

Amazon Optimization

  • Have you fully calculated your Amazon fees, including FBA fulfillment feesstorage fees, and fees you might incur from third-party supply-chain providers? 
  • Literally an inch or an ounce can make a profitable product unprofitable when it comes to fulfillment. Have you optimized the packaged product’s size and weight for shipping purposes?
  • Is the product you’re launching eligible for Amazon Promotions such as Lightning Deals, coupons, and BoGos?

Inventory Management

  • Are your manufacturer and importer reliable in terms of quality and speed?
  • Could you put in a rush order, if need be, without breaking the bank?
  • Are you solid with customs and logistics?
  • Your Amazon Account Health and your brand’s reputation rely on high in-stock percentage and low order-defect rate. Do you have both of these metrics locked down?

Advertising and Promotion

  • Do you have a strong Amazon PPC strategy where you have lots of strong keywords to work with?
  • Are your Amazon ad-management skills sharp enough to compete with the big players? (If not, hire the Seller Labs Managed Services experts to help with your ads.)
  • Can you go beyond Sponsored Products Ads and leverage the power of Sponsored Brands Ads, Sponsored Display Ads, and Amazon Stores as well? 
  • Do you have a strategy for advertising and promotions off Amazon (your website, Facebook, Google, etc.) that pushes traffic to Amazon so that you fuel velocity there? 


  • Is the product in keeping with your brand and your beliefs?
  • Do you genuinely believe in the product but can let it go if it turns out to be a bust?
  • Can you offer same-brand complementary add-on products to up the transaction value?
  • Is your trademark and enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry up to date and in good standing? 


  • Does your product encourage repeat purchases?
  • Is it something that would make a great gift that others would purchase and share?
  • Have you considered the Amazon Influencer Program. Would an influencer be a good fit for your product?
  • Is it something that delivers demonstrable results that will encourage buyers to recommend it to others via word of mouth and Amazon product reviews?

Final Word on Retail Readiness and Using Your Amazon Product Launch Checklist

Your product doesn’t have to satisfy all of the criteria in order to be worthy of a launch, but it must be retail ready and check a lot of the boxes. And while this checklist is good for understanding which products are best for Amazon product launches, it can also help you when you’re choosing which products to invest in next. 

Seller Labs has all the tools you need to create a successful Amazon product launch and to maintain that success long term. From dominating Amazon advertising and keyword research to automated product reviews and simplified reporting and analytics, Seller Labs Pro has you covered with Seller Labs Pro, an all-in-one solution. 

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